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VANISH is a two pack bleach cleaner designed for natural stone surfaces – in particular Sandstone. Natural dark stains in the surface matrix of the Sandstone are particularly resistant to strong acid cleaning alone but are much more susceptible to removal using the speciality formulated two part product.

Follow the 5 Easy Steps

Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – A minimum requirement of Safety Glasses, Gloves & Boots. Damage to clothing may occur.

  1. Lightly wet the area with fresh water.
  2. VANISH Part A and Part B should be applied sequentially as diluted solutions.
  3. Mix VANISH Part A at 200 ml per 1L of Water in a plastic watering can and apply to 3-5m2 at a time.
  4. Mix VANISH Part B at 500 ml per 1L of Water in a plastic watering can and apply to area treated with VANISH Part A.
  5. As the masonry mildly fizzes, agitate gently with an ENVIRONEX EAGER BEAVER. Let the area lightly fizz for 2-3 minutes only. (Do not use a higher concentration or longer active time as it will cause damage)
  6. Rinse the area with fresh water.
  7. Neutralise the area with a capful of REFRESH pH neutral detergent in 5-10L of water.
  8. Rinse with fresh water. Always test first.

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