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Sealer Applicator

Our experts
Specialise in sealing the following masonry types

Environex offers a professional mobile masonry sealing service that ensures top-quality and all the know-how on the best sealing products and techniques to protect the appearance of your stone. Our professional sealing experts have extensive training in sealing all types of stone surfaces including Basalt, Bluestone, Dolomite,  Granite, Limestone, Marble, Quartzite, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine and more. Environex professional sealer applicators are also well trained in the types of chemicals that may be applied to each specific surface, ensuring no damage is caused, so that you get only the best long term protection and result.

Natural Stone
– Basalt
– Bluestone
– Dolomite
– Granite
– Limestone

– Marble
– Quartzite
– Sandstone
– Slate
– Travertine

Other Masonry Types
– Exposed Aggregate
– Porcelain & Virtrified
– Terracotta
– Terrazzo
– Wet Cast

Man-made Masonry
– Adbri Euro
– Adbri Quadro
– Austral Textura Slate

Block Walls
– Clay
– Stone Cladding

National Masonry
– Esplanade

Check out our expert at work in this
Synergy Sealing Demonstration Video

Trust the stone sealing experts
Who stand behind their sealer products.

Environex manufactures its own penetrating, consolidating and surface sealers designed to give you a range of finishes from a minimalistic natural look, elegant high gloss shine, or a matte buffed look requiring less maintenance and cleaning over time. For your peace of mind, all Environex products are manufactured and tested in Australia to suit Australia’s harsh environment.


CLEARSEAL is an easy to use, single coat water-based sealer, designed to repel water on most masonry surfaces such as Sandstone and Terracotta.


ENDURE is a unique blend of premium acrylic resins formulated especially for application to most coarse stone, masonry and concrete surface, giving a wet look and protection against staining from most common spills.


HI-LITE is a premium semi-penetrating sealer designed to darken and highlight the natural beauty of the stone without making the surface too slippery.

Pinnacle TSL

PINNACLE TSL is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial  surfaces and will prevent permanent staining from most household spills without changing the slip factor.

Premium Bluestone Sealer

PREMIUM BLUESTONE SEALER is a specially formulated natural penetrating sealer developed for Bluestone and other natural stone and masonry surfaces.  This penetrating sealer is formulated to keep the natural colour of the stone and will not change the surface texture but may darken slightly.


SYNERGY is a world-class combination consolidator and penetrating sealer specially formulated for superior stain and salt protection around swimming pools. SYNERGY is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial surfaces and will prevent permanent staining from most common spills.

Tuscan TSL

TUSCAN TSL is a world-class, eco-friendly, low VOC organic solvent based sealer. This invisible penetrating sealer is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial surfaces and will prevent permanent staining from most common spills.

Universal Stoneseal

UNIVERSAL STONESEAL is a premium water-based acrylic surface sealer
designed to give a satin gloss finish on most masonry surfaces. Also suitable for internal, external, domestic or commercial surfaces and will protect staining from most common spills.