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Terms and conditions

ENVIRONEX offer a 15 year product performance replacement warranty that will provide protection
against most common household spills that are non-acidic on most porous natural and manufactured
masonry surfaces compared to untreated surfaces.

The ENVIRONEX 15 year warranty is only valid if applied by a registered ENVIRONEX applicator in
accordance to the strict instructions of application and maintenance recommendations. The treated
surfaces will need to be maintained on a regular basis accordingly to the ENVIRONEX cleaning and
maintenance guide as below. If the guide is not followed and the sealed surfaces are mistreated the
warranty will not be valid. If the HI-LITE, PINNACLE TSL, SYNERGY or TUSCAN TSL are used
in unusual or extraordinary conditions and considered inappropriate the warranty will not apply.

The HI-LITE, PINNACLE TSL, SYNERGY & TUSCAN TSL sealer will prevent permanent
staining from most common household items, provided organic stain causing substances are
cleaned up immediately.

The HI-LITE, PINNACLE TSL, SYNERGY & TUSCAN TSL sealer require 7 days curing time prior to
any cleaning chemicals being applied. No highly acidic, alkaline or chlorinated detergents can be
used on masonry surfaces sealed with the above mentioned sealers as they will have a
negative impact on the sealer performance and capabilities to resist staining and the protective
properties of the sealer used. Resealing maybe necessary.

The ENVIRONEX 15 year warranty shall not be valid if other non-approved sealers or cleaners have
been applied prior to or after the application of the sealer or if all contaminants have not been
removed from the surface or if unreasonable abrasion of the substrate/surface treated with the sealer
has occurred.

The HI-LITE, PINNACLE TSL & TUSCAN TSL are sealers not a consolidator and not
recommended for salt water pool surfaces. ENVIRONEX would recommend the ENVIRONEX
SYNERGY sealer and consolidator for premium protection on these salt effected surface areas.
The ENVIRONEX 15 year warranty does not apply if insufficient sealer has been used or incorrectly

Under this 15 year warranty ENVIRONEX will only be responsible for replacement of the product, and
the amount of product replacement will be up to a maximum of the quantity of the sealer used in the
original application. All receipts of the ENVIRONEX cleaners and sealers purchased must be provided
to ensure the validity of this 15 year warranty or the claim will not be recognized.

approved ENVIRONEX registered applicator the warranty will only be valid for a period of 3 years.
Always test first.

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