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Sodium Metabisulfite

Environex is one of WA’s largest importers of Sodium Metabisulfate Food Grade (SMBS).

Our Sodium Metabisulfate is Supplied in 25kg, 600Kg and 1.2T lots. Environex has NATA tested potable grade material on hand at all times.

What is Sodium Metabisulfate?

SODIUM METABISULFITE is a white, crystalline powder with a odour of sulfur dioxide. Content of sulfur dioxide at least 65.5 %-wt.

Where is Sodium Metabisulfate used?

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries: as a reducing agent, for purifying and isolating aldehydes and ketones. For destroying waste bromine and sodium hypochlorite.

In drinking water treatment to remove excess chlorine and chloramines and protect RO membranes. In the treatment of wastewater, particularly from electroplating plants, to neutralize chromic acid; to remove excess chlorine in the neutralization of cyanide. In special cases to remove oxygen from boiler
feed water.

For cleaning and bleaching wool, jute, and other vegetable fibres. In the paper and pulp industry for bleaching ground wood.

SODIUM METABISULFITE photo grade in the photographic and film industry for preparing developer solutions, for acidifying fixing baths.

SODIUM METABISULFITE food grade (E223): For preserving foodstuffs (restricted use in accordance with the additives approval regulations, E 223). It may cause allergic reactions, particularly skin irritation, gastric irritation and asthma. It is not recommended for consumption by children.

It is also used as an anti-melanosis additive for seafood (prawns, shrimp).

How is Sodium Metabisulfite Solution (SMBS) made?

SODIUM METABISULFITE Solution (SMBS) is made by dissolving solid SODIUM METABISULFITE into water and has a pH of 4.6 at 1.0 % (by weight) solution strength.

The SMBS solution is not stable to air and reacts with oxygen as well as chlorine, therefore it is recommended that batches of less than 2 % by weight be used within 3 to 7 days and batch solutions less than 10 % be used within 7 to 14 days. Theoretically, 0.70 ppm of SODIUM METABISULFITE) will stoichiometrically neutralise 1.0 ppm of chlorine.

Environex is one of the largest manufacturers in WA producing 100,000-150,000L of potable grade SMBS per month. Contact our friendly staff for more information via the form or call our TOLL FREE number: 1800 999 196.

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