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On Premise Laundry

On premise Laundry products will keep your clothes clean, spotless and fresh. Environex supplies quality laundry and dishwashing products that will keep your clothes, surfaces and kitchens germ-free. Environex International provides a full line of choices that you can depend on.

A wide range of selections are offered to customers for a variety of different uses to suit individual business requirements and budgets. Environex provide products to many industries including health care organizations, hotel accommodations, athletic facilities and a host of other institutions. Some laundry products such as Eco Fresh are excellent for both domestic and light industrial applications.

Every single product has it’s own applications, benefits and advantages. They have excellent cleaning properties and most of them are suitable for all fabrics in hot or cold water. They are all designed to remove stubborn stains such as blood and fats, rust staining from clothes and eliminates any yellowing of the garments. Some laundry products such as Launda Clean have lemon or fresh floral fragrance, which leave the clothes smelling fresh.


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