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Foods & Beverage

ENVIRONEX ensure Total Chemical Management at all food and beverage manufacturing plants when they partner with business. ENVIRONEX has the expertise and knowledge based on over 40 years’ experience at both small and large sites across Australia and in Asia via a joint venture – PT ENVIRONEX.

ENVIRONEX have technical CIP and COP experts available across the country ready to assist and troubleshoot any aspect of cleaning and sanitation within DAIRIES, ABATTOIRS, CHIP MANUFACTURERS, PIE COMPANIES, WINERIES, SEAFOOD PROCESSORS and BOTTLED WATER producers.

ENVIRONEX specialises in cost down and optimisation initiatives for CIP and COP chemicals while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of chemical effluent in waste water. ENVIRONEX offer environmentally friendly chemical alternatives in all core silos with specialist equipment to VALIDATE AND VERIFY CIP and COP processes.

• Water
• Time
• Energy
• Chemical concentrations
• Effluent costs – N, P, K, Na, Cl

Specialist technical personnel across the nation partner with your business to the current and future chemicals consumed with the aim to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce costs to your business.