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Cleaner Applicator

Our experts
Clean the following masonry types

ENVIRONEX have a team of experienced, mobile stone cleaning professionals servicing Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. We provide a quality cleaning service coupled with years of knowledge in manufacturing our very own range of speciality formulated masonry cleaning chemicals to suit all types of natural and man-made stone. Whether you have Basalt, Bluestone, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Travertine or an alternative stone, our stone care experts will use specially formulated blends of environmentally friendly chemicals to revive that area in desperate need of a cleanup. Once the stone is revitalised we will then advise you of a maintenance plan to help keep your stone being the stand out that it deserves to be.

Natural Stone
– Basalt
– Bluestone
– Dolomite
– Granite
– Limestone

– Marble
– Quartzite
– Sandstone
– Slate
– Travertine

Other Masonry Types
– Exposed Aggregate
– Porcelain & Virtrified
– Terracotta
– Terrazzo
– Wet Cast

Man-made Masonry
– Adbri Euro
– Adbri Quadro
– Austral Textura Slate

Block Walls
– Clay
– Stone Cladding

National Masonry
– Esplanade

Check out our
Stone Cleaning Results

PROBLEM: Client wanted to remove a heavy bore water stain from their colorbond fence.

SOLUTION: Environex’s Ban Rust was applied. This product is a remarkable blend of mildly acidic cleaning agents designed to easily and rapidly remove bore water and rust stains from most surfaces.

PROBLEM: Our client wanted to remove a large efflorescence stain from their brick wall.

SOLUTION: The Environex team applied Clearseal: an easy to use, single coat water-based sealer, designed to repel water on most masonry surfaces and prevent moss & mould build-up.

Trust the stonecare experts
Who stand behind their quality cleaning products

Anti Eff

ANTI EFF is a specialty acid formulation designed to safely remove efflorescence from most forms of pavers and masonry blocks. ANTI EFF may also be used to remove grout haze and mortar residue.

Ban Rust

BAN RUST is a remarkable blend of mildly acidic cleaning agents designed to easily and rapidly remove bore water and rust stains from most surfaces.


CYCLONE is a specialty solvent system specifically designed for dilution and/or removal of ENDURE surface sealer.

Green Devil

GREEN DEVIL is a speciality acidic detergent used to remove iron ore and rust stain deposits from vehicles, plant and equipment and external elements, neutralization & removal of bore water stains and scale build-up, cleaning efflorescence and oxides.

HD Cleaner

HD CLEANER has excellent foaming and cleaning characteristics ideally suited to cleaning heavy oil and grease spills from masonry paving, diesel fumes, road grime, bbqs, ovens, truck engines and bodies.


MAESTRO is a specialty formulated chlorinated cleaner designed to remove unsightly organic stains caused by moss, mould, animal faeces (Possum, Bat, Duck, Wombat, Kangaroo etc.), timber and leaf tannins.


REFRESH is a pH neutral detergent designed for routine cleaning of all sealed surfaces and will gently clean and condition floors ensuring a longer sealer life


S21 MPC is a remarkable hard surface cleaning concentrate which has an outstanding grease cutting action. S21 MPC can be used for cleaning bench tops, splashbacks, dirty floors, tyre and rubber marks.


SAPPHIRE is a specialty formulated blend of acids and non-ionic surfactants designed to remove stubborn stains such as grout smear, red dirt and scale removal from most masonry surfaces and shower screens.


VANISH is a two pack bleach cleaner designed for natural stone surfaces – in particular Sandstone.