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Automotive & Transport

Industrial chemicals are commonly used in Australian manufacturing, processing and mining industries for cleaning and removing dirt from surfaces. Environex International provides different ranges of Industrial chemicals that are perfect for the Australian Automotive & Transport industry.

All of Environex International products are offered to customers for different cleaning purposes. There are industrial chemicals such as Foaming detergent, S21 Multi Purpose Cleaner, Ecosolve S22 and Big Rig Green forming detergent products. All have outstanding cleaning properties. Products like ECOSOLVE S22 can be applied in diverse areas including industrial equipment, marine engines and bilges of boats, cooking ovens, driveways and kitchen workbenches.

Most of the chemicals are great for cleaning of all types of hard surfaces and can also be used in manual cleaning operations if required. The packaging of these 4 types of industrial chemicals ranges from 750mL, 1, 5, 15, 110 & 200 Litre containers.

Please note that there are chemicals like Big Rig Green and Saturn that are classified as an irritant to skin and eyes. Good occupational safety practices must be adhered to such as the use of gloves and safety glasses. There are different applications for different products – please refer to the PDF file for the application guide for each product.